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The Universe of Platonic Thought
Универсум платоновской мысли

26th International Conferecne  ·  XXVI Международная конференция
28–30 August 2018   St Petersburg, Russia  ·  28–30 августа 2018   Санкт-Петербург, Россия

About Conference Conference Program Abstracts

International Conference
Plato’s Heritage from a Historical View:
Intellectual Transformations and New Research Strategies

28–30 August 2018, St Petersburg


Eugene Afonasin Intellectual Transformations in Late Platonism: Science and religion at the crossroads of Aristotelian biology, Hippocratic medicine and Platonic theurgy
Anna Afonasina Plato and Empedocles: evidences and the continuity of ideas
Olga Alieva ‘Enemies of Philebus’ and the ‘Wise’ of the Republic 9
Elena Alymova The Royal Art of Weaving: KAIROS and LOGOS
Elisabeth Anikina Reasoning about daemon paredros. From Plato to Iranian Sufism, from the Bible and Apuleius to the Florentine Renaissance
Timur Artemev Sensory and mental cognition in philosophy of Plato
Yunna Astrakhantseva Perspective in the “Pictures” of Philostratus the Elder
Irina Batrakova The definition of idea developed in post-Platonic classic philosophy
Dmitry Biriukov The teaching on symbol by pr. Pavel Florensky in the context of St Gregory Palama’s doctrine
Alexey Bogomolov The Adoption of Gorgias’ doctrine of non-being in the ontology and epistemology of One in the philosophy of Plotinus
Elizaveta Bruk The Platonic tradition and symbolic theories of culture about relation between a phenomenon (thing), essence and a concept
Doug Campbell The Gaps in Plato’s Dialogues
Stefano Maria Capilupi From primitive art to Eidos of Plato: visible and invisible in the birth of ancient thought
Valentin Cherednikov Plato in the perception of American romanticists (Emerson, Poe, Thoreau)
Gabriele Cornelli Examining the muscles and tendons of the division between human and nonhuman within the Platonic tradition
Detlef von Daniels What is the question Plato is answering to in the Politeia?
Natalia Danilkina Platonic eros in the Neo-Kantian philosophy of education
William Desmond Hegel’s Plato
Oleg Donskikh Four steps on the path of generalization: birth of general concepts
Daniil Drofeev Visual communication in Athens and Venice: Plato, Thomas Mann and phenomenology
John A. Dudley Plato's Concept of Chance
Daria Dugina The Political philosophy of Neoplatonism: Proclus
Boris Dvinyaninov The image of Tat in hermetic treatises
Rostislav Dyomin Brison as a representative of the Megarian school
José Antonio Giménez Plato and Gadamer on Practical Knowledge
Lorenzo Giovannetti Time, Knowledge and the telos. Jaakko Hintikka interpreter of Plato
Alexei Gloukhov Plato, Truth, and Tragic Peripeteia
Oksana Goncharko 12th Century Platonic dialogue in Byzantium
Dmitry Goncharko,
Oksana Goncharko
Plato’s Symposium and the law of identity
Igor Goncharov The myth of philosopher’s death and the descent of virtue: a hyperbole or a prophecy?
Alexandre Gontchar Self-Chosen Destiny and Images of the Divided Line: Between Allegorical and Literal Interpretations of Reincarnation in the Myth of Er
Igor Grishkov Zeno, Plato, Aristotle and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle
Raul Gutierrez Some aspects of the dianoetical consideration of the soul in Republic
Etienne Helmer Plato’s political philosophy for today: from utopia to the frontiers of the political field
Flaminia Incecchi Giovanni Gentile’s Plato and the Origins of Actualism
Svetlana Karavaeva The image of Socrates the Cynic in late antiquity
Ilya Kravtsov Aspiration to material wealth as an idealistic conception and as an antithesis to the justice in Plato’s writings
Sergey Kulikov Visible and invisible in Plato’s natural philosophy
Vladimir Kulmatov Plato's proportion and proper thinking: Two ways of demonstrating true reasoning, two different criteria of truth
Victor Kupriyanov History of ancient philosophy in Boris Chicherin’s metaphysics
Andrey Kurbanov,
Lydia Spyridonova
The sketch Philoplaton, or the Currier, by Theodore Prodromos‎
Dmitry Kurdybaylo On Symbolism in Porphyry’s of Tyre Treatise On statues
Elena Kuzmina Plato's doctrine about the Deity and contemporary theological discourses
Тatiana Levina The fight against idealism in Soviet mathematics: the case of Sofia Yanovskaya
Pavel Likhter Case “Popper vs. Plato”: essentialism and historicism
Paulo Lima Foucault’s genealogical reading of the Alcibiades
Tatiana Litvin Number and Image in the Plotinus' Philosophy of Time
Kezhou Liu The Ontological Status of Demiurge: An Ancient Debate and Contemporary Echoes
Arnaud Macé,
Lorenzo Ferroni
New strategies for reading Plato’s Ion
Eugene Makovetsky Ekphrasis of body in the Early Byzantine Platonic dialogues
Vladimir Makovtsev Orpheus or A history of one doubt
Eugene Malyshkin On eroticism in open societies: An attempt of formalisation
Renato Matoso Perspectivism and Conciliation in the Reading of Plato’s Dialogues
Ruslan Mazaev The anthropological doctrine of the Epistle to Diognetus
Faith Diana McFadden Of Φίλια and Ἕρως: Terminological Accuracy in the Translation of Love-Terms of the Lysis
Vyacheslav Minak On the knowledge of truth in Plato’s Timaeus
Irina Mochalova Plato and Socratics: Reconstruction of Discussions
Eric James Morelli An Invitation to Interiority: Plato and the Ancient Problem of Rational Opinion
Tomasz Mróz Plato Reception in Polish Philosophy 1800-1950. An Outline
Elizabeth Murray Intellectual Conversion and the Way Back in Plato
Vadim Mursky The fate of the gnoseological standards of the Platonic dialogue Theaetetus in the new European philosophy
Petr Neshitov The difficulties of sociological commentary to Plato
Sergey Nikonenko Whether the World Is Mystical? The Comments to Plato’s The Republic (515 c, d) and Wittgenstein’s Tractatus (6.44)
Oleg Nogovitsin The question of the unity of Being in the treatise “On the difference between Plato and Aristotle” by George Gemistos Plethon
Oleg Nogovitsyn Two ways to refute morality in Plato
Aleksey Panteleev “Escape from prison”: Plato's cave and prisons in antiquity
Richard Parry,
Fuller E. Callaway
Deceptive Pleasures in Repubic 9
John Partridge Feminist Encounters with Plato: Appropriation, Disinvestment, and Constructive Complicity
Virgilijus Petuška Jacob Klein and the Phenomenological Interpretation of Plato's Thought
Aleksei Pleshkov The concept of eternity in Plato: the strategies of conceptualization
Danil Popov Actualisation of the Stoic narrative in the second half of the 20th century: theoretical and praxeological aspects
Maxim Prikhodko The Messianic Idea in the Hermeneutics of the Alexandrian School (Clement of Alexandria, Origen)
Kirill Prokopov Mysteries of Plato’s Phaedo: Philosophy as Initiation
David Proud Hegel, Plotinus, and the Problem of Evil
Yuriy Romanenko The Paradoxicality of the Historical Dispute between Plato and Aristotle in the Light of the Ontology of M. Heidegger
Ludmila Rusinova Incontinent, Ignorant, Bigamist, an Adult Eromenoi: a Negative Image of Socrates from Aristoxenus of Tarentum
Alexander Rychkov The magical historiola on the phylactery with Saint Sisinius: θεουργία in the Private Sphere in the early Christian World?
Rodion Savinov Platonism and Aristotelianism as epistemic programs (problem of genesis of knowledge in Lalemandet’s philosophical cursus)
Victor Seliverstov Plato usage of properties of the number “two” in the Symposion and Phaedo
Maria Semikolennykh The first Latin translation of Plato’s Laws and its critical review in Basilios Bessarion’s In Calumniatorem Platonis
Fedor Shcherbakov Status of myth in the Roman Neoplatonic school
Konstantin Shevtsov Platonic philosophy as a way of collecting the mind
Yuri Shichalin Genre evolution of the Platonic oeuvre
Taras Shiyan Logic and Mathematics in Plato’s soteriology
Daniil Shulga Requirements for the military class in the writings of Zhuge Liang and Plato
Aleksander Sinitsyn The Soviet Socrates: the Ancient Sage and the Vices of Capitalism in Georgy Shchukin’s Film The Paradise Apples
Ivan Smirnov Speculative thinker in philosophy and theology: from Plato to modernity
Elena Sobolnikova “Conclusions on the impossible”: on the interpretation of mystical experince in the philosophy of Damascius
Nadezhda Sotnikova “Plato as a philosopher” in the interpretation of W.Windelband
Emidio Spinelli Hans Jonas and the ‘Multi-disciplinary’ Platonic Model of paideia
Lydia Spyridonova,
Andrey Kurbanov
Perception of Anaesthesia in the Greek thought
Anna Stepanova Ideas of Plato and Stoics in the conception of U. Zwingli
Roman Svetlov Socrates, do you hear Socrates? Paradoxes of identity in the texts of Plato
Igor Tantlevskij Is the soul moving? Comparison of Some Relevant Views of Plato and Aristotle on Man’s Soul
Satsuki Tasaka The Definition of Knowledge and the theory of Forms
Ksenia Timchenko Rethinking the influence of Hellenistic philosophy on Christian ethics in the Lutheran theology of the mid-twentieth century
Larisa Tonoyan Plato's influence in the Byzantine logic
Anna Troitskaya,
Sergey Troitskiy
The reception of Platonism in Nadezhda Voitinskaya’s philosophy of art
Maria Trushina To show the invisible: On visuality in the Platonic corpus
Maria Varlamova Nature of living body in Simplicius
Valery Vorobyev Alexandrian Neoplatonic philosophers comment Aristotle’s works

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