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The Universe of Platonic Thought
Универсум платоновской мысли

27th International Conferecne  ·  XXVII Международная конференция
28 June 2019   St Petersburg, Russia  ·  28 июня 2019   Санкт-Петербург, Россия

Ivan Protopopov, St Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, Associate Professor, CSc in Philosophy

The idea of justice in Plato's Republic

The report analyzes the signification of the idea of justice in Plato’s dialogue «Republic». This idea is associated with the concept of a perfect state, in which it can be realized, the possibility of which it determines for its side. Justice determines the value and gives a certain kind of each virtue within the state, acting as its good in General, and at the same time, expresses the benefit of each citizen of this state, constituting the correct order of the beginnings of his soul. В докладе показывается, что это, прежде всего, относится к мудрости как главной добродетели философов, связанной с управлением государством и направленной на осуществление блага всех граждан данного государства. The report shows that justice as the main virtue of the state gives the social significance of wisdom as the primary virtues of the philosophers, associated with the governance of the state and aimed at the realization of the benefit of all citizens of the state; then, - to the valour, associated with a reasonable correct understanding of the danger from the guardians or soldiers, while the main purpose of the activities consistent with this virtue will be the preservation of life and safety of all people; and finally, to reasonableness, consisting in power over own sensual desires, overcoming themselves and self-control. According to Plato, the essence of state power, connected with justice, is not the realization of the rulers own good, but the realization of the common good of the citizens of a certain state. The report comprehensively analyzes the main definition of justice in Plato, according to which, it is understood as the benefit of the whole, consisting in activities to which each person is intended by nature, accomplished for the common good of others, as well as for their own.

the idea of justice, virtue, the highest good, the state, the beginning of the soul

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